Interactive School Projects

Now students can bring to life any model, diorama or posterboard project with touch sensors and LED lights! Simply add touch-sensitive contacts (they're actually just earring posts!) to your project, and LEDs at corresponding locations, and you're all set!

Touch a contact and an LED lights up!

If you have a Chromebook available, touching the contact can also play a video that explains a concept, Google maps, or even Google slides!

There is also an optional Audio Narration kit available to play your own recorded audio, which can even include multiple languages and music, all recorded on a simple microSD card.

So students can interact and learn with this...

Compared to just passive models of the past

Make any posterboard, diorama or model project touch-interactive with LEDs and optional links to online videos &  other digital media!

Touching a point on the model lights up a corresponding part of the model and plays a video or other digital media.