Interactive School Projects

Now students can bring to life any model, diorama or posterboard project with touch sensors and LED lights! Simply add touch-sensitive contacts (they're actually just earring posts!) to your project, and LEDs at corresponding locations, and you're all set!

Touch a contact and an LED lights up!

Add an microSD data card (sold separately), and play audio of a voice narration, music, or sound effects!

If you have a Chromebook available, touching the contact can also play a video that explains a concept, Google maps, or even Google slides!

There is also an optional Audio Narration kit available to play your own recorded audio*, which can even include multiple languages and music, all recorded on a simple microSD card.

So students can interact and learn with this...

Compared to just passive models of the past

Make any posterboard, diorama or model project touch-interactive with LEDs and optional links to voice narration, music, online videos & other digital media!

Touching a point on the model lights up a corresponding part of the model and plays a video or other digital media.

*Link & Blink uses a patented technologies (U.S. patents 11,023,252 & 11,586,449),

invented by Roger Wagner, to link school projects to internet-based media.